More about me.


Our growth makes us innovative, happier and frankly — better humans. 

I’m passionate about helping people become the best version of themselves. We can all be extraordinary, lead and have an impact wherever we are. Sometimes, we just need help figuring out how.


My story


After working in start-ups for years, I was burnt out (I didn’t always feel that way). I stopped exercising, and singing - oh, and there was my newborn daughter whom I rarely saw. These were the best professional years of my life on paper, but also the toughest. I’d abandoned crucial parts of myself that energized me, and made me a high performer - AND, I was stressed all the time. I was successful, yet I felt stagnant and unsatisfied. I was lost and needed a change.

I moved cross country, experimented, made a lot of mistakes and learned a lot. I started teaching indoor cycling, job searched, and founded a company - all the while mentoring people about leadership and their careers. After that time away from start ups, I reflected, and honed in on what I loved so much about working in them; it was developing those teams of people. Through all this experimentation and soul-searching, I realized what I loved more than anything else was helping people grow.


My background


I’m an ICF associate certified coach, as well a certified leadership coach through the acclaimed Hudson Institute of Coaching. I also hold a certification in Systemic Team Coaching.

I have over 15 years of experience transforming teams in technology companies. I’ve held leadership positions at Seamless (GrubHub), at The Orchard (Sony Music), and was co-founder of Bonsai Hiring. A more extensive bio can be found here. 

I’m pretty great at reinvention and exploration. I’m an indoor cycling instructor at CycleBar, martial artist, a classically trained singer, a writer, a former professional performer and a mother of two. I currently live in the Bay Area - though I’ll always consider myself a New Yorker.


I believe in…


We’ll collaborate, speak candidly with one another and work equally hard for your success.


Embrace the idea that deep self-exploration, heart, and sharing emotions and candid thoughts are critical to success in the coaching work.   


To make a change, thoughts and ideas need to become actions. Think, feel, then make a move - and I’ll be there to hold you accountable.


I use a research backed methodology, but you are unique! How and when we get “there” depends on who you are and how hard you work.


If this resonates then I’d love to work with you.