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I work with promising talent, new managers and executives in engineering, client services and more. Whether you’re a fast-growing company or self-motivated, we'll unleash your potential.


1-1 Coaching Engagements

Through rich one-on-one sessions and more, we’ll co-design a development plan tailored to the individual that inspires growth and aligns with your goals.

What to expect


We’ll have an early goal discussion, go over engagement nuts and bolts and see if there's a mutual fit.

Design & Execute Plan

We'll design a plan with activities tied to goals, complete with  metrics that help you manage progress.

Clarify Vision 

Through 1-1 conversations, stakeholder interviews and more, we’ll integrate learnings and refine goals.

Wrap up

We’ll assess engagement success and determine long term support plans to help you sustain growth.

What you get  

· 1-2 hour weekly or bi-weekly sessions (in person, phone or video)
· Development plan
· Support in between sessions (text, email and more)
· 1 hour check in post engagement

1-1 Coaching Engagements are typically 6+ sessions/3+ months



Coaching on Demand

Fill in management gaps and gain perspective with short coaching session(s) focused on one dilemma that's got you stuck.

What to expect


We’ll have a quick exchange to overview the issue, your ideal outcomes and discuss logistics.

working SESSION

We'll cover context and align on your desired session outputs, then we'll tackle the issue head on, and determine your next steps.


We'll reconnect to discuss how you proceeded, what you learned and more.

What you get

· Coaching session(s) (in person, phone or video)
· Support post session (text, email and more)
· A debrief call



Team Coaching

Collaborative sessions that help your teams work through on the job challenges while preparing for the future. 


We'll discuss your organizational and team needs, challenges and ideal outcomes. 

Inquiry & Diagnosis

Through conversations, feedback surveys and observation of meetings, we'll have a blueprint of what the work together will be.

Team Development 

As a team, we'll co-contract outcomes and how to work together as a team. Then, through collaborative sessions, exercises and more, we'll prepare your team for the future while addressing burning issues.

Progress check ins

We'll connect during and after the engagement to discuss progress, and pitfalls, positioning the team for ongoing growth.

What you get

· Insights and recommendations on themes and challenges
· Collaborative coach facilitated team sessions
· Check ins during/post engagement


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